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NHL x Poler Poncho. Stay warm on the move or at home. It doubles as a poncho and blanket. Simply snap the sides to use it as a poncho or unsnap it and use it as a blanket. Large pocket in the front, perfect for keeping your hands warm and securing your belongings on the go. Fully reversible with pockets on both sides. NHL logo is visible on only one side- so flip it and wear it in "Stealth Mode" (with no logo!). 

Our cozy collection including napsacks, shaggy napsacks, zonkers, ponchos, and campforters share the same care instructions.

To freshen them up without causing any damage, fading, or clumping please follow these tips:

◘ We recommend hand washing in cold water with a light detergent. 

◘ Rinse well, being sure to remove all detergent and suds. 

◘ Lay flat to let air dry, but not in direct sunlight.

◘For a final fluff, you can throw it in the dryer on air/lowest heat for
20 minutes. Use dryer balls or a tennis balls to help prevent clumping.

◘ Enjoy your clean Napsack! 

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TEAR AWAY THE CARE LABELS. Please carefully use scissors if you wish to remove them.

Welcome to Poler on ice. We've teamed up with the NHL to bring you the ultimate cozy hockey gear. Stay warm outside, on the couch, and in the arena. Rep the your team wherever your adventures take you.

The Poler X NHL collection is officially licensed from the National Hockey League.


The Ponchos are one-size fits all!


The Napsack can be worn in many ways. How you plan to wear them will influence your sizing decision.

If you plan on frequently sleeping in it and want the bottom cinched closed, we recommend you size up so that you have a comfortable amount of space for your feet if you are within 3 inches of the upper limit of the recommended height measurement.

To walk around or lounge in a Napsack simply cinch the bottom of the Napsack around your waist and fold the extra material over.

Please use our unique sizing and disregard your normal street sizing!


◘ S/XS - Fits up to 5'0" tall.
◘ M - Fits up to 5'8" tall.
◘ L - Fits up to 6'3" tall.
◘ XL - Fits up to 6'8" tall.

Width (Measured straight across)

◘ S/XS - 23"
◘ M - 28"
◘ L - 31"
◘ XL - 37"